The R&D department is the driving force of the company, gaining its strength from high level technologies and human resources, always connected with the strategic marketing managers, sales and production department, and trying to be constantly looking forward environmentally speaking.

People are fundamental to the company. Steel Color S.p.A. invests on people and is always looking for talents that can significantly contribute to increase the total quality. In this context, the company has decided to collaborate even more with labs and universities.

Innovation research and environmental protection have driven the company’s main choices helping the development of product and process innovations.

Steel Color customer oriented and as a result of the increasing service demand, the company has conceived a composite panel easy to be installed and customized in every finish of the Steel Color catalogue.
Business knowledge in terms of design, production and technology are an important part of how the product was made .

Steel Color has invested considerable resources in the development of a new stainless steel coloring
technique: the TSteel PVD derived coloring process. It is innovative and has a low environmental impact that does not require the use of pollutants.
The coloration of stainless steel is made through titanium physical vapor deposition and it allows to obtain a bright, homogenous and extremely resistant color.